Thomas Stiasny, Senior Principal Engineer Bipolar Technology Thomas Stiasny has a solid background in power semiconductors. He joined ABB semiconductors (now Hitachi ABB Power Grids) 23 years ago and gained experience in Research & Development and Quality & Reliability of BiPolar semiconductors.
Christian Winter, Global Product Manager BiPolar Semiconductor Products Christian Winter has more than 20 years of experience in power electronics business. In 2014 he was appointed as global product manager responsible for the BiPolar power semiconductor product offerings at ABB (now Hitachi ABB Power Grids).

IGCT Semiconductors for Reliable, High Power Applications Such as Off-Shore Wind, Rail-Intertie or Medium Voltage Drives

In partnership with All About Circuits

The Integrated Gate Commutated Thyristor, or short IGCT, is a power electronic device with excellent performance in the middle to high-power range. It offers significant advantages when it comes to robustness, losses, and performance in mission-critical applications e.g. off-shore wind, rail-intertie or medium voltage drives. In the first part of the webinar, learn more about IGCT device theory and the functionality of the IGCT, including its integral part, the gate unit. The different device configurations, namely asymmetric, reverse conducting, and reverse blocking IGCTs, will be discussed as well.

In the second part of the presentation, explore the leading IGCT offerings from Hitachi ABB Power Grids, especially the record-breaking IGCT Generation 3 that offers best in class turn-off current, losses, and performance. The 4.5 kV rated device is available in reverse conducting or asymmetric configuration. Based on the field application case "Gotthard Lift" we will also present the outstanding quality and robustness of IGCT devices, and will provide a technology outlook of IGCT products.

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