Speaker: Sankalp Sieghardt, Application Support Engineer, TTS Dublin Sankalp Sieghardt works for Maxim Integrated on their Bio-Sensor product line, as well as the Automotive serial link line.

Keeping People Well with Maxim Wearable Solutions

In partnership with Maxim Integrated


With increasing global healthcare costs, people are moving toward early detection and prevention, which has led to the personalization of healthcare solutions. Consumers concerned about their health are being empowered by the availability of readily available solutions that can be purchased, either from local electronics stores or from mainstream online retailers. 


With a variety of wearable healthcare technology platforms, including bio-potential, optical, temperature, and power management, Maxim solutions continue to lead the way in improving quality of life.


In this webinar, learn more about Maxim's wearable solutions and how these product applications are at the forefront of the personalized health market.  

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