Benson Chu - Platform Firmware Development Manager Benson is serving for Power & Energy Competence Center in STMicroelectronics, Asia Pacific Region. Mainly focusing on the platform development & solution promotion of digital power control for industrial power and energy related applications
Siddharth Ghosh - Sensor Manager, Technical Marketing for Power Discrete & Sub Analog (PDSA) Siddharth holds a Master Degree in Power Electronics from Indian Institute of Technology ( IIT Delhi ). He joined ST Microelectronics (ST) in 2011 as Product Marketing Manager. He is presently working as Sr. Manager - Technical Marketing for Power Discrete & Sub Analog Group (PDSA) with focus on key products :- AC-DC Power Supply, Offline PWM Controllers, DC-DC Power Management , Motor Drivers etc.

Learn the Latest 3-Phase AC/DC Solution for EV Charging Station

In partnership with STMicroelectronics

Webinar Overview

The number of full electric vehicles (EVs) is rapidly growing and, as a result, the charging infrastructure is also expanding, including DC fast charging stations, which have the attractive capability of providing the vehicle with a 100km driving range in just 10-12 minutes.  Power modules range from 15kW to 60kW connected in parallel to build charging pile up to 350kW. 

In this webinar, ST experts will introduce the 2 reference designs:

  • STDES-VIENNARECT - 15 kW, three-phase Vienna rectifier with low cost mixed-signal control for power factor correction; and the 
  • STDES-PFCBIDIR - 15 kW, three-phase, three-level Active Front End (AFE) bidirectional converter for industrial and electric vehicle DC fast charging applications.

Also you will learn more on ST's wide range of power discretes including silicon-carbide (SiC) and silicon power MOSFETs and diodes, isolated gate drivers as well as high-performance STM32 microcontrollers to help develop high-efficiency, high-power density DC charging stations.


  • Brief introduction to charging stations
  • ST STDES-VIENNARECT 15kW Three Phase Vienna Rectifier reference design
    • PFC topology 
    • Operation principle
  • STDES-PFCBIDIR - 15kW Three Phase Bidirectional AC/DC converter
  • ST product profile: SiC MOSFET, ACEPACK, SiC diode, STGAP gate driver introduction

Product Details:

  • SiC MOSFETs/DiodesIsolated gate drivers
  • STM32 microcontrollers