New Capabilities in Advanced Battery Test and Emulation

In partnership with Keysight Technologies

Webinar Overview

How can you easily run battery tests, generate battery models and perform battery emulation? A battery profiler is a must-have tool if you are working with different batteries and need to create your own custom battery model library. This ensures you are getting the most accurate models for battery life predictions tailored to your devices and working scenarios. Battery emulation is a critical process as it allows one to understand how the battery or the device would behave in a real-life scenario when they are connected to each other.

Using a battery emulator instead of a real battery has many advantages; a battery emulator helps to create a safer test environment and allows validation of the various operation modes of the device. The cycling function has the flexibility to allow you to create a custom sequence of charging, resting, and discharging a battery with various test conditions to determine the battery’s age effect and reliability under sequence test conditions.

Learn More About:

  • What is a battery emulator, using one vs a real battery?
  • Accurate vs non-accurate battery emulators
  • How to optimize and validate battery-device lifetimes
  • How to generate a battery profile from your batteries

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