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Learn why GoodLock is the perfect platform to add trust to your design product.

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Concerned or facing imminent security threats? Security continues to baffle the world, especially with more counterfeit products appearing in the market and more edge node devices connecting to the cloud. For this reason, adding security features to your systems and adjusting your security process, policies and architecture is vital. Security is a critical foundation of trust! 


In this free webinar, learn what GoodLock can do to help any designer develop and test hardware security solutions for their embedded systems.


Future Electronics, in partnership with Microchip, introduces the GoodLock, a unique and trusted board to help any designer develop and test hardware security solutions for their embedded designs. Its advanced features, robust hardware, on-board debugger/programmer and cost effectiveness is the perfect platform to add trust to your design product.


GoodLock is a complete development platform based on Microchip’s SAML11 ARM Cortex-M23 MCU, with integrated hardware security and Arm® TrustZone® Technology.  It also delivers the industry’s lowest power in its performance class and enhanced peripheral touch with Driven Shield Plus for water tolerance touch. Some other features of the board include the AT32UC3A onboard programmer/debugger, a MikroElektronika expansion header, and several Microchip Analog and Power components. 


Most importantly, Microchip’s new “Trust Platform” program is a major testimony to any customer’s Freedom to Innovate. The Trust Platform is composed of a three tier offering with the pre-configure and pre-provisioned ATECC608A Trust&GO for TLS and LoRaWAN network authentication. The second tier is the TrustFLEX pre-configured secure element that offer similar use cases and much more such as key rotation, IP protection, firmware verification, secure boot assist, OTA verification, accessories authentication. The third tier is TrustCUSTOM which is a fully customizable secure element capable of addressing the vast majority of authentication use cases. Each of the three tiers benefits from the Microchip secure provisioning service with MoQ including provisioning of 10 units for Trust&GO, 2000 units for TrustFLEX and 4000 units for TrustCUSTOM.


This is how Microchip service helps customers to deal with a fragmented market place and the paradox of customization in the mass market.  For the first time, Microchip and Future Electronics are offering this technology that can benefit the security of all design requirements including reducing costs, reducing risks and increasing revenue.

Join us to learn more.



Bob Smith, Principle Technical Training Engineer for Microchip Technology Inc.

Bob Smith has been with Microchip for 13 years.  His first years with the company were focused on providing live customer training in the Boston regional training center.  This training was eventually moved on-line and become the start of Microchip’s Developer Help website with over 100,000 users a month.  Today, Bob creates training for this website, focusing on Security products and the MPLAB® Harmony software framework for 32-bit micros.

After earning his BSEE from Northeastern University in Boston, Bob worked as a design engineer for six years before becoming a Field Applications Engineer for Future Electronics and LSI Logic (eight years).

Anand Rangarajan, Product Marketing Manager, 32-bit Microcontroller Division for Microchip Technology Inc.

Anand Rangarajan is a Product Marketing Manager responsible for Embedded Security Market segment in the 32-bit Microcontroller division for Microchip Technology Inc. He has over  18+ years of experience in the semiconductor industry with technical and business roles in high tech companies and enjoys portfolio management and business development.  He has an MS degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Houston and an MBA in  Marketing/SupplyChain from Arizona State University, W.P.Carey School of Business.

Martin Bernier, Director - Engineering Support Group & System Design Centre, Future Electronics

As Director of the Engineering Support Group at Future Electronics, Martin Bernier works closely with customers to help them design products and accelerate their time to market. He also supports suppliers by providing strategic design solutions for new products.

Bernier joined Future Electronics in 2005 as a Field Application Engineer. He later became the Regional Technical Director for Eastern Canada, where he oversaw a team of Field Application Engineers for that region and supported customers’ designs in the market.

Prior to Future Electronics, Bernier worked in the lottery and gaming industry as a design engineer and also started his own design firm. Martin Bernier holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Polytechnique Montréal and an MBA from Université de Sherbooke, Canada.

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