How Can an MCU Simplify Industrial IoT Sensor System Design?

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Sensors are pivotal to industrial IoT systems. Accuracy in these systems is essential from smoke sensors to instrumentation systems, from electricity meters to flow control meters—and beyond into applications such as medical monitors.

Analog sensing for these applications requires high-accuracy sensor signal acquisition and conditioning. Pain points for designers working with analog sensing include:

  • •  Power consumption
  • •  BOM costs
  • •  Board space
  • •  Data security
  • •  Flexibility

To address these needs, Renesas introduced the S1JA microcontroller that integrates 16-bit SAR ADC, 24-bit ΣΔ ADC, 12-bit DAC, OpAmps, and comparators, which can offer various configurations for analog systems.

In this webinar, we will discuss how S1JA can achieve high accuracy sensor systems by looking at each integrated analog function.

Join us to learn more about how programmable analog capabilities allow more configurable sensor system design.



Michael Sarpa, Product Marketing & Business Development Manager, Renesas Electronics America

Michael Sarpa is responsible for product marketing and customer development for Renesas' flagship RX 32-bit MCU product line. RX MCUs are at the heart of all aspects of IoT development from the node to the cloud and Michael's 25+ years of experience working with and supporting embedded developers provides customers and ecosystem partners an excellent resource when developing next-generation platforms.

Toshio Kimura, Renesas Electronics America

Toshio Kimura is responsible for the business development of low-end MCUs such as RL78 and Synergy S1 within Renesas Electronics Broad Business Unit in America. He has over 17 year experience in this industry as an application engineer and product marketing covering a wide variety of applications that use 8 and 16-bit MCUs including general purpose, LCD, analog, motor, and RF.
His primary focus has been to provide low-end microcontroller solutions to customers.

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