Mike Lowrie, Field Applications Engineer, Arrow Electronics Mike Lowrie is a Field Applications Engineer with Arrow Electronics based in Vancouver, Canada. After graduating with a B.A.Sc. in Electrical Engineering, he worked for 14 years as a design engineer developing products for the marine, transportation, and military markets. He has spent the last three years providing customers in Western Canada with front-line technical support for the Analog Devices product portfolio.
Paul Perrault, Senior Staff Field Applications Engineer, Analog Devices Paul Perrault is a Senior Staff Field Applications Engineer based in Calgary, Canada. His experience over the last 17 years at Analog Devices varies from designing 100+ amp power supplies for CPUs to designing nA-level sensor nodes and all current levels in between. He holds a B. Sc. degree from the University of Saskatchewan, and an M. Sc. degree from Portland State University both in electrical engineering.

Simulating Power Solution Designs Using LTspice

In partnership with Analog Devices

Webinar Overview

Join tools experts for a walk-through and refresher of basic and intermediate features of Analog Devices’ award-winning tool -- LTspice®.

This webinar will introduce users to the powerful features inside the SPICE simulator. With applications across switching regulators and analog signal chain simulations, LTspice remains a critical analysis tool for most engineers.

Attendees will learn about:

  • Introduction to LTspice as a free simulator for analog and power simulations
  • Transient and AC simulation in LTspice
  • Worst-case simulations and parametrization of circuits
  • Using LTspice for power simulation
  • Importing 3rd party models
  • Tips and tricks to take home for the user inside LTspice

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