Adam Gluck, Founder/CEO Adam is Founder & CEO of Copia Automation. Before Copia, Adam came from the world of Software Engineering. He started on Uber's Driver Engineering Team where he was responsible for the uptime of systems that help to power millions of trips every week. From there, he joined Uber's Engineering Strategy team, focused on Uber's high-level systems architecture.

Source Control, Git, and Industrial Automation

In partnership with All About Circuits

In this talk, we will explore source control systems, focusing on the most ubiquitous and modern source control system: Git. We ultimately argue that source control systems are cheap and easy to adopt given their high ROI for organizations, making them an obvious choice for anyone looking to quickly uplevel their organizational efficiency and operational uptime.

This talk will be mostly technical and cover:

1. What source control systems are

2. What Git is, its key concepts, and basic workflows

3. How to adopt Git for your organization (spoiler: it's easy!)

4. How to overcome common challenges to Git adoption in industrial settings

Whether you're already a Git pro but don't know the best way to introduce it in an industrial environment, or you've never heard of Git before, we hope you leave this talk with the practical knowledge necessary to get going with a modern source control system for your personal workflow or organization!

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