Debbie Gibson Debbie Gibson has been with Analog Devices for over 20 years in a variety of roles spanning DC/DC power, mixed-signal modules, and inertial products. She is currently the Product Line Director for Inertial Components and Modules focused on multiple market segments where inertial solutions provide differentiated application value.
Sean D'Arcy Sean D'Arcy joined Analog Devices in 2015 and is part of Aerospace and Defense Marketing Team, focusing on Aviation, Unmanned Systems, Missiles and Munitions. With over 20 years in the Aerospace and Defense industry, Sean has supported development and upgrade programs for platforms such as the C-130 Hercules, MQ-9 Reaper, B-2 Spirit, F-16 Falcon, U-2 Dragon Lady and the X-47B. He is a multi-engine fixed wing pilot, has owned an aviation company, worked for two major Defense Contractors and the Johnson Space Center.

Stabilization and Pointing for Phased-Array Systems

In partnership with Analog Devices

Webinar Overview

The continued move higher in the radio-frequency spectrum and the evolution of more accurate phased-array systems has driven the need for inertial measurement units (IMUs), gyroscopes, and accelerometer integration. 

This webinar focuses on microelectromechanical (MEMS)-based systems that measure pointing, motion, and axis deviations and their applicability to modern radar, communications, and electronic warfare systems. Accurate IMUs are not only needed on airborne and marine-based radar and communications systems. With accuracy and a resolution that is improving exponentially, paired with larger independent array designs, it has become critical for advanced radar systems to have their own numerous ecosystems of IMUs integrated to enable the performance expected of the next generation. This technology also applies to terrestrial phased-array systems in motion.

In this webinar, learn about:

  • Challenges in radar applications that would benefit from inertial sensors
  • Key inertial requirements that come into play
  • Inertial tradeoffs

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