Veasna Chhun, Senior Product Marketing Manager - Timing Devices Veasna (BSEE, MBA) is responsible for technical marketing and product support of Timing Devices in the US. He been in the timing device industry for over 17 years and has extensive experience and product knowledge to assist customers with timing device for their specific applications, from IoT to Automotive.

Top 5 Considerations when Selecting a MHz Crystal

In partnership with All About Circuits

Crystals are the fundamental building block of electronic oscillator circuits that create an electrical signal with precise frequency. This frequency is often used to provide a stable clock signal for digital integrated circuits and to stabilize frequencies for radio transmitters and receivers. It’s important to be aware of a variety of technical specifications when selecting the best MHz crystal for your design. This webinar will cover these specifications and more:

  1. Crystal frequency, frequency tolerance, stability, and aging
  2. Load capacitance (CL)
  3. Equivalent series resistance (ESR)
  4. Drive level (DL)
  5. Operating temperature

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