Andrei Kholodnyi Wind River Technologist

Tuning Robot Operating System (ROS) for Commercial Use

In partnership with Wind River

Webinar Overview

Professional service robots have become part of everyday commercial life, with a projected market value of $37 billion for 2019–2021 (Association for Advancing Automation). This technological success story is built on the Robot Operating System — the ROS — which has moved from an academic tool to a core component for production deployment.

The evolution from ROS to ROS 2 has further expanded opportunities for robotic applications. Are you delivering a robotics application for commercial use? Are you responsible for a robotics solution for mixed criticality? This demonstration and discussion will touch on the ROS 2 architecture, use cases, and more.

In this webinar, viewers will learn:

  • How the ROS 2 architecture works 
  • How to overcome some of the common ROS 2 challenges 
  • How and why to tune the ROS 2 system with Yocto-based Linux

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