Industry White Paper

4D Imaging Radar: Sensor Supremacy for Sustained L2+ Vehicle Enablement

March 22, 2023 by NXP Semiconductors
Topics Covered
  • L2+: The Next Key Battleground
  • Three Sensors, No Single Solution
  • LIDAR: Providing Performance Premium
  • 4D Imaging: Radar’s Big Leap Ahead

White Paper Overview

The advent of 4D imaging radar technology for automotive sensing and autonomous driving applications has reshaped the timetables and economics of our evolution from L0 to fully autonomous L5 vehicles. Radar’s newly tapped ability to enable precise environmental mapping dramatically enhances vehicles’ overall sensing and awareness capabilities, and in so doing, redefines industry expectations for radar’s role going forward relative to camera sensors and particularly lidar sensors.

In this white paper by NXP, discover why super-fine resolution Radar sensors in particular are poised to become the most fundamental sensor for L2+ applications and prove a compelling, cost-effective alternative to Lidar.