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Flexibility, Expandability, and Scalability Pave the Way for Sophisticated IoT Solutions

May 21, 2020 by Advantech Download PDF


As a leading company in the embedded-IoT market, Advantech develops integrated IoT solutions and delivers a range of products and services to aid customers facing uncertainty and risk in their approach to the IoT market.

Smart buildings are quickly becoming more sophisticated and prevalent as an essential component of smart cities. As more residential building complexes explore the benefits of building monitoring systems, the importance of understanding the different available systems becomes more relevant than ever. Sensors are becoming increasingly utilized to not only manage and monitor living environments, but also provide security and energy usage management.

While many closed systems restrict the available options for system configuration, an open system allows each element to suit the user's unique, individual requirements, without restriction.  Additionally, open systems allow for the mixing of components from different vendors - a fantastic way to achieve the best possible combination of system elements. Turnkey solutions can easily restrict options to a narrow range of compatible solutions - options that fail to meet the potential of IoT.

In this Advantech case study, explore how a Swedish apartment complex is benefitting from this flexible, high-tech monitoring and management solution to developing a pilot building monitoring system, and what this means for the future of building functionality and scalability.

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