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A Durable Connector Solution for a Mobile CIPP Equipment System - Case Study

December 16, 2021 by All About Circuits Download PDF

Case Study Overview

Fully functional water pipes for storm and sanitary sewer lines are crucial to the safety and sanitation of cities across the world. Oftentimes, pipe systems become damaged, requiring certain methods of repair to rehabilitate or structurally renew water and wastewater pipes.

The cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) process involves inserting a chemically manufactured plastic pipe inside a damaged pipe. Before installation, engineers measure and cut the liner, saturate it with an adhesive, and then store it in a refrigerator until needed. The saturated tube is then pulled through the pipe and inflated using forced air or water. After insertion, the tube is cured by forcing steam, recirculating hot water, or passing ultraviolet (UV) light through the tube.

This case study breaks down PEI-Genesis’s role in providing a connector solution for a high-intensity application outside of the normal connector tolerances.

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