Industry White Paper

Addressing the Challenges of Specifying and Making Power Racks

June 19, 2023 by EA Elektro-Automatik
Topics Covered
  • Challenges of Designing for Safety Compliance
  • Incorporating User-Friendly Design Elements
  • Documentation to Meet Safety Standards
  • Potential Use Cases for Elektro-Automatik’s Turnkey Power Racks

Application Note Overview 

Programmable DC power supplies are key components for both production testing and product development in everything from photovoltaic technology to battery and fuel cell testing. The complexities that go into specifying, designing, and building these power racks are growing with ever-evolving applications that demand higher power and faster response times with the ability to simulate complex operating scenarios. As these test systems grow in complexity, so do their respective layout, air/water cooling systems, and wiring. 

Elektro-Automatik offers solutions that address these challenges head-on with robust power supply units and turnkey power racks that are certified to EN 60204-1, UL 508, and NFPA 79. This article explores the common challenges faced by engineers when employing power racks and how EA Elektro-Automatik’s turnkey solutions provide a safe, user-friendly alternative to custom designs.