Industry White Paper

Advanced Probing in DDR3/DDR4 Memory Design eGuide

September 28, 2022 by Rohde & Schwarz
Topics Covered
  • Selecting the Right Probe
  • Attaching Probes
  • Using Interposers
  • Modular Probe Features
  • Deembedding

eGuide Overview

To achieve a reliable and efficient system verification and debug of DDR3/DDR4 memory designs, comprehensive compliance test and analysis tools are required.

While measurement capability and usability are critical to speed up the verification and debug process, it is equally important to choose the right probing solution and use advanced techniques to improve overall measurement accuracy. Selecting the right probe, probing at the right place, modifying probe tip impedance to compensate interposer resistors and improving the measurement accuracy through deembedding are important to attain repeatable and accurate test results. 

In this eGuide, receive step-by-step instructions and get the right tool for advanced probing in DDR3/DDR4 design.