Industry White Paper

All Ethernet to the Edge: 10BASE−T1S

May 03, 2024 by onsemi
Topics Covered
  • 10BASE−T1S for Factory 4.0
  • Automotive IVNs and All Ethernet
  • IEEE802.3cg Specification and 10BASE−T1S
  • Power Consumption and 10BASE−T1S
  • onsemi 10BASE−T1S Controllers and PHYs
  • Multi−drop Line Termination and More
  • IEEE802.3da Specification in Development

White Paper Overview 

10BASE−T1S is coming together to be the missing link for “All Ethernet Networking to the Edge” in Factory 4, Automotive in-vehicle networking (IVN), and Smart Building applications. Whether for today’s designs or tomorrow’s, the protocol sets you up for putting AI and M into play, along with a host of other advantages.

This paper dives deep into 10BASE-T-1S, showing you how this solution can replace the functionality of legacy interfaces such as FieldBus, CANbus, and others. It also goes over important issues such as power consumption, multi-drop configurations, Power over Data Lines (PoDL), Ethernet Security, and many more. Also explored are the chip solutions available from onsemi that will enable you to smoothly implement 10BASE-TS1 designs.

Download this white paper to learn how 10BASE-T1S Ethernet replaces other legacy networking technologies while offering important advantages, making it the future of wired connectivity.