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An Easier and More Efficient Way to Keep your LEDs Running Brighter, Longer

April 06, 2020 by Vicor Download PDF


Direct-view LED video wall technology is becoming an increasingly popular choice for large-scale displays because of its superior brightness as compared to LCD technology. However, large-video displays present a power design challenge — how best to develop an efficient solution that reduces energy losses, minimizes heat generation and is easily scalable? Heat can be a big problem with LEDs. More heat results in excessive temperatures, which rapidly degrades LED luster and longevity.

One factor contributing to the heating of a LED panel is the heat losses in converting and distributing power within the video wall; losses both from the power converters and the resistive copper losses in cabling and the printed circuit board. So what’s the solution? Evaluating the merits of different partitioning options will help identify the best option when designing high-powered LED applications.

In this white paper by Vicor, explore a high-level overview of power trends in the high-power LED market.

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