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Analyzing Common Mode Noise of EPS for Flawless Touchscreen Operation

September 04, 2020 by Rohde & Schwarz

Whitepaper Overview

It's no doubt that touchscreens play an integral role in many people's lives — we rely on smartphone touchscreens to complete many simple daily tasks, like sending an email or ordering dinner. For this reason, those touchscreens must work correctly and keep up with the latest technology. 

Modern, capacitive touchscreens such as those used in mobile phones, for example, are susceptible to common-mode noise exhibited by external power supplies (EPS). Capacitive touchscreens work by measuring the capacitance of a human fingertip to a ground reference. If the operating touch device is connected to an EPS, the common-mode influence on the ground reference can significantly distort the measured capacity. This EPS is effectively in the voltage loop for the capacitance measurement.

In this whitepaper from Rohde & Schwarz, learn about how the R&S®RTE1000 and R&S®RTM3000 oscilloscopes provide the right tools to quickly analyze the Common Mode Noise (CMN) of an EPS.

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