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Automotive 3 um HDR Image Sensor With LFM and Distance Functionality

May 23, 2022 by onsemi
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White Paper Overview

This article describes a 3 μm super-exposure pixel 1.3-MP CMOS image sensor for automotive application that provides up to 140 dB high dynamic range (HDR) coverage with multiexposure operation, as well as effective HDR with LED flicker mitigation (LFM) operation. At junction temperatures in excess of +100 ◦C, total signal-to-noise transitions were kept at or above 30 dB due to further development of the pixel pulsed gate operation and process optimization. Pulsed LFM operation provided for capturing flickering lights of any brightness. Two-photodiode pixel architecture in combination with single microlens covering the pixel also enabled distance extraction along with a color image using in-pixel phase detect.

Topics Covered

  • Pixel Design
  • Multiexposure HDR
  • HDR with LFM
  • Distance and Image Simultaneous Acquisition
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