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Avnet and Microsoft Azure Sphere: IoT Security in Hardware, Software and at the Edge

April 15, 2019 by Download PDF


The Internet of Things (IoT) has transformed various industries by automating them at large, but the security concerns associated with IoT are just as large as the market opportunity this technology presents. The vulnerability of the software and hardware in IoT solutions has already resulted in cyberattacks. The number of connected devices is increasing every day, and so are security concerns.

All the IoT devices that we now use in everyday life have a tiny chip, known as a microcontroller (MCU). In fact, more than 9 billion of such MCU-powered devices are built and deployed every year. The MCU works like the brain of the device and holds computing, storage and memory functions along with an operating system in the device. For IoT networks to be secure, MCUs need to be secure. This whitepaper looks at how the Azure Sphere operating system works with Avnet's hardware to provide a perfect solution to security and functionality.

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