Industry White Paper

Best Practices and Use Cases for Machine Learning in Industrial Automation

June 01, 2020 by Avnet Silica

Whitepaper Overview 

Industrial automation is constantly evolving — advancements in technology offer new, increasingly efficient ways to manufacture goods every day. With the highly dynamic advances in factory and process automation, companies can manufacture higher quality, more flexible products faster than ever before. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) plays a crucial role in the future of this industrial automation — much of the advancements in machine learning are made possible through a secured production environment. 

This informative whitepaper from Avnet presents a range of application examples and solution approaches for the use of machine learning in manufacturing. In particular, this whitepaper focuses on self-learning robots and “cobots,” environmental monitoring in factory automation, operations and process management with AI-based smart glasses, as well as edge computing and intelligent sensors. 

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