Industry White Paper

Bluetooth Mesh Feature Enhancements

February 27, 2024 by Silicon Labs
Topics Covered
  • Directed Forwarding
  • Subnet Bridging
  • Remote Provisioning
  • Certificate-Based Provisioning

White Paper Overview

Since the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) introduced the Bluetooth® mesh topology five years ago, Internet of Things (IoT) device connectivity and network communication have been completely transformed. Mesh topology enables multi hop and many-to-many communication and it is well suited for large-scale device network applications. Mesh networks simplify smart home network communication and make it easier for network engineers & IT to manage the large IoT networks used for building automation and industrial asset tracking.

The new Bluetooth mesh feature enhancements announced by the Bluetooth SIG will increase security, reduce power consumption, simplify setup, improve mesh network efficiency and scalability. This white paper examines six of the key new features, Directed Forwarding, Subnet Bridging, Remote Provisioning, Certificate-based Provisioning, Device Firmware Updates, Private Beacons, along with the few minor enhancements added to the existing features. We are most excited about these new features at Silicon Labs and are preparing for this release so that device developers have access to these features as soon as possible.

Learn about:

  • Device Firmware Updates
  • Private Beacons
  • Support New Design Considerations for Device Development