Industry White Paper

Common Mistakes in Power-Supply Layouts and How to Avoid Them

October 10, 2023 by Texas Instruments
Topics Covered
  • Noise from an Unshielded Inductor
  • A Large High-Impedence Node
  • Output Voltage-Sense Measurements
  • Thermal Dissipation

Seminar White Paper Overview

Every power supply layout is different, but what remains consistent is that in order to produce a good layout, you must understand the circuit fully and the environment or application that the board will be a part of. Carefully consider each block of components on the schematic, whether they are there for safety, EMI, feedback, thermal relief, and so on.

In this white paper by Texas Instruments, learn about the common mistakes in power-supply layouts and ways to avoid them. Explore topics such as the importance of the placement of:

  • Input capacitor
  • Filter component
  • Gate driver
  • Magnetic component