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Computer-on-Module for High Performance Computing

May 13, 2021 by Kontron Download PDF

White Paper Overview

The increasing proliferation of IoT-capable devices is accompanied by persistent design challenges for those working in the embedded computing space: artificial intelligence, machine learning, 5G wireless standards, and autonomous vehicles all require enormous volumes of data and, subsequently, unprecedented computing power and connectivity solutions. Beyond the sheer volume of data, embedded computers must be suitable for harsh environments as consumers increasingly expect connectivity in nearly all devices, regardless of how "rugged" the application may or may not be.

In this whitepaper from Kontron, learn how the long-established COM Express standard for Computer-on-Modules (COM) has been combined with the COM-HPC, a new high-performance computing standard from the PCI Industrial Manufacturers Group. Readers will come to learn the motivation behind this new standard and what it means for high-performance computing in a variety of applications.

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