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Cooling Fan Solutions for Telecom Battery Backup Systems

February 03, 2021 by Orion Fans Download PDF

Whitepaper Overview

Wireless systems play an integral role in the modern world, enabling seamless connectivity in a wide range of applications. However, wireless connectivity has become so commonplace that the general public only takes note of a network when it is not working properly. Telecom battery backup power systems help prevent network downtime during brownouts or power outages. However, these backup power systems need to be cooled efficiently and effectively, as extreme temperatures can degrade their performance, safety, and operating life. 

This whitepaper by Orion Fans discusses the use of Orion Fans’ 60V telecom fans for efficiently cooling wireless infrastructure equipment. With a 60V rating, the product is ideal for preventing excessive heat build-up in 48V telecoms systems as well as preventing premature failure of the cooling fans.

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