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Designing a system-on-chip (SoC) with an Arm Cortex-M processor

November 27, 2018 by Kent Dresser Download PDF


Are you integrating an Arm Cortex-M processor for the very first time? This comprehensive whitepaper will take you through the process of including a Cortex-M processor into your SoC design, including:

An overview of an Arm Cortex-M based system

  • The EDA and software tools available to help you get started
  • Overall digital system design considerations and the Arm support available
  • How to accelerate your design and development
  • Top tips for evaluating various approaches to on-chip memories including analog components, Artisan physical IP, cell libraries, and FPGA prototyping solutions
  • An overview of the processors in the Arm Cortex-M portfolio
  • Strategies for power management, verification and other design tasks
  • Turnkey design services available, including support from Arm Approved design partners

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