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Efficient Power Supply Burn-in Using Regenerative Electronic Loads

February 01, 2021 by EA Elektro-Automatik Download PDF

Application Note Overview

Switched-mode power supplies utilized in data centers, industrial equipment, medical devices and other critical applications are subjected to burn-in operation at full load over an extended period to detect and eliminate early failures and ensure reliable operation over the supply’s rated lifetime. Traditionally, burn-in operations are carried out using inexpensive resistive load banks that require the room the device is located in to be cooled, which ramps up energy costs. Regenerative loads, introduced more recently, allow for more energy savings with lower factory space utilization, electrical distribution infrastructure, and minimal ambient noise. 

This application note by EA Elektro-Automatik outlines the use of advanced technology and regenerative electronic loads (ELRs) for achieving energy cost reductions exceeding 96%. In addition to the lower energy costs, the use of regenerative loads has also resulted in improved factory floor space utilization, reduction in electrical distribution infrastructure, reduced ambient noise, and lower environmental cooling costs.

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