Boost Evaluation Kit for Measuring High-Speed Switching MOSFET Capability


Giveaway Overview

Register below to join in our partnered giveaway with Wolfspeed for the chance to win their CRD3DD12P Buck Boost Evaluation Kit. The kit features a board with SMA connectors for monitoring the gate to source voltage and cleaner waveforms than traditional probes and ground leads. Additionally, it contains a heatsink, thermal interface, inductor, hardware, as well as two Wolfspeed C3M MOSFETs to allow testing within minutes of unpackaging.

Kit Features

- Includes footprints for both 3 and 4 lead TO247 packages allowing for easy comparison.

- SMA connectors for capturing clean VGS waveforms.

- MOSFET and diode footprints included in both top and bottom positions.

- Additional capacitors not needed to run in boost or buck converter topologies.

- Easily change RG, CGS, or ferrite through its gate drive circuit.

- PWM inputs feature standard BNC connectors.


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