Industry White Paper

Emulation Builds Bridge to Future for Programmable AC Power Sources

June 01, 2023 by AMETEK Programmable Power
Topics Covered
  • Emulation Preserves Your Investment But Presents Challenges
  • Software Functionality Presents the Most Significant Challenge
  • Emulation Is Not A Long-Term Solution
  • Opening Communications Channels

White Paper Overview

As modern programmable power supplies continue to offer stronger, faster, and better options, what should you do with your systems that still have some life in them? This is where legacy emulation comes into play. Emulation can help transition you from a legacy product to a new one—but steps need to be taken along with considerations about upcoming challenges.

In this white paper from AMETEK Programmable Power, discover more about:

  • What emulation is and how it can benefit your application
  • Challenges involved in emulation—related to form, fit, and function
  • Better understanding your long term solutions
  • And much more!