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Enabling Seamless Ethernet to the Field with 10BASE-T1L Connectivity

July 28, 2020 by Analog Devices

Whitepaper Overview

10BASE-T1L is a new IEEE-approved Ethernet physical layer standard that will dramatically change the process automation industry by improving plant operational efficiency through seamless Ethernet connectivity to field-level devices. Many process automation challenges including power, bandwidth, cabling, distance, data islands, and intrinsically safe Zone 0 (hazardous areas) applications can be solved using this new 10BASE-T1L standard. With 10BASE-T1L, there are more possibilities for data analysis, operational insights, and productivity improvements through a converged Ethernet network from the field to the cloud.

In this whitepaper from Analog Devices, learn more about the benefits 10BASE-T1L physical layer products can bring to the Ethernet realm, especially when used in addition to Analog Devices’ ChronousTM portfolio of Industrial Ethernet solutions.

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