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Exploring the Fundamentals of Spectrum Analysis

June 03, 2020 by Rohde & Schwarz


Examining signals in the frequency domain is a frequent measurement task in radiocommunications. Therefore, spectrum analyzers required for this purpose are among the most versatile and widely used RF measuring instruments. 

These analyzers cover frequency ranges of up to 40 GHz and beyond, and are used in various applications of both wireless and wired communication in development, production, installation, and maintenance efforts.

As mobile communications continue to grow, parameters regarding functionality and measurement speed will continue to rise to the forefront. 

In this Rohde & Schwarz book, learn more about the field of spectrum analysis, and how understanding the theoretical background of spectrum analysis can lead to a better comprehension of complex measuring instruments and applications. Even the most experienced spectrum analyzer users can benefit from recalling background information in order to avoid measurement errors likely to be made in practice.

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