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Factorized Power Architecture: Achieving High Density and Efficiency in Board Mounted Power

June 16, 2020 by Vicor Download PDF


As motherboard loads and load power began to increase and density became even more challenging, power systems architecture evolved from a distributed DC-DC converter (or Brick) to IBA (Intermediate Bus Architecture). 

Power system architectures adapted to solve the new challenges of a changing communications, computing, and industrial world, driven by ever-increasing performance demands. Today’s power requirements and lower PoL operating voltages are placing new demands on IBA that now affect system performance.

Power system design currently faces several trending challenges, and solving this high-current and high-density point-of-load (PoL) problem requires a different approach. Factorized Power Architecture™ (FPA™) is the solution.

As load currents continue to increase, Vicor has continued to enhance FPA to maximize current delivery and to further reduce density and the PDN to the point-of-load.

In this Vicor white paper, learn more about factorized power architecture, a scalable solution that can meet the future demands of board-mounted power.

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