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Flexible Light Pipes Address Key LED Design Concerns

September 30, 2020 by All About Circuits Download PDF

Whitepaper Overview

Today, LEDs are essentially everywhere we go. Many electronics have LEDs meant for status indication — but light up a bedroom enough to read a book at night. For the average consumer, it’s a minor inconvenience. But for medical, military, industrial, and aerospace applications, excess light from one status LED could bleed excess light into a different indicator lens, leading to confusion. 

Light pipes, guides, or tubes provide a solution to LED light bleed issues. Inserting fiber optics into your chassis can increase real estate behind your panel face, reduce noise naturally, and guide the brightness of an LED around obstacles without “bleeding” unwanted light into other areas. 

In this whitepaper from Bivar, learn more about the advantages of flexible light pipes and the benefits of using light pipes to address key LED design concerns.

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