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Fuji Electric 7th Generation IGBT Technology Powers Today’s High Efficiency Energy Conversion Systems

June 22, 2020 by Fuji Electric Download PDF


Today’s Power Electronic market is driving the development of compact, low-loss, and high-reliability IGBT modules to optimize power conversion systems. In response, Fuji Electric has developed its 7th generation X-Series IGBT technology combining enhanced semiconductor chip characteristics and improved packaging structure.

This unique design concept increases the IGBT performance and allows continuous 175ᵒC Tj operation. In particular, the Fuji Electric X-Series Dual XT module is the first IGBT module to achieve 800A-1200V rating in a 62 mm X 150 mm 2:1 package.

Global energy consumption is steadily increasing with a growing population and higher economic prosperity across our global community. Considering the negative environmental effect of addressing the demand with conventional fossil-fuel based energy systems, many countries are meeting the ever-increasing demand for energy with renewable energy technologies. Furthermore, demands for mobility electrification are driving development of robust and high-efficiency power electronic modules to replace ICE powered vehicles.

To support the development of the high-efficiency power conversion systems needed to address these applications, Fuji Electric developed an enhanced insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) technology. 

In this Fuji Electric white paper, explore how the new Fuji Electric 7th generation technology combines innovations in the intrinsic characteristics of our trench gate IGBT structure and free-wheeling diode (FWD) to improve and optimize performance and increase efficiency.

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