Industry White Paper

High-Side SmartFETs with Analog Current Sense

November 09, 2022 by onsemi
Topics Covered
  • Application System Overview
  • Power FET and Protection
  • Application Interface and Control
  • Switching Characteristics
  • Current Sense and Diagnostics
  • Understanding the Thermal Network

Application Note

With the shift from a domain control model to zonal control, automotive electronics require a higher level of integration of components to conserve space, reduce cost, and improve reliability. SmartFETs with protection features have a variety of applications and benefits that can enable greater flexibility and versatility into your automotive designs. This application note describes the structure and design philosophy of onsemi High-Side SmartFETs, and provides specific examples and numerical calculations of how to apply SmartFETs with analog current sense into your system to achieve the optimal switching performance.