Industry White Paper

How Much Can You Save With a Renewable Load?

October 01, 2023 by EA Elektro-Automatik
Topics Covered
  • Resistive Load Banks and Electronic Loads
  • Applications that Are Particularly Wasteful
  • Using Regenerative Loads to Power a Greener Factory
  • The Benefits of EA’s Bidirectional Power Supplies

White Paper Overview 

Engineers often run into the issue of where to burn off the excess energy, for example, burn-in, battery cycling tests, and an energy storage system’s discharged energy for shipment. Typical solutions use an electronic load to release the excess in the form of heat. This process does beg the question, can this power be recycled and reused within the facility? EA Elektro-Automatik’s regenerative electronic loads offer 96% efficiency allowing businesses to recycle the vast majority of power that would have otherwise been dumped. This article discusses the amount of energy savings an facility will see when switching to a regenerative load.