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How Software Configurable Hardware Helps Flexibility in Industrial I/O Modules

February 23, 2021 by Analog Devices Download PDF

Whitepaper Overview

Whether used for a process control installation or an industrial automation system, an I/O module (or a field junction box) poses a host of unique challenges in a product's life cycle. Product management, for example, faces key decisions on how many channels and which combinations will be necessary for each product.

Electronic designers must understand how to implement the best performance and cost-efficient system for various analog or digital signals in the projects. Without the proper specialized training, however, installation technicians can easily be overwhelmed by all the different products and numerous wiring schemes.

This whitepaper demonstrates how Analog Devices’ new product family of software configurable input/output (SWIO) ICs achieve the goal of ultimate flexibility by supporting any function and/or combination on any pin at all times.

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