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How to Create an Low−Power Bluetooth LE Asset Tag

September 24, 2021 by onsemi Download PDF

White Paper Overview

The use of connected technology to track or monitor assets is surprisingly recent, really only beginning with the introduction of the Apple® iBeacon® in 2013. While IoT asset management can be considered an emerging market, it shows tremendous potential with an expected double−digit growth rate over the next decade.

Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth LE) is considered the dominant choice for connectivity for asset tracking applications, representing approximately 50% of the market. RFID technology is still used in some tags and labels, but offers limited capabilities and cannot provide active information about events happening to the asset.

This white paper goes further into why RFID is not considered for use in tracking systems, but remains a viable solution for identification applications requiring scanning and human intervention without data logging. The resource also explains why many RFID tag manufacturers and warehouse and retail system integrators have started adopting Bluetooth LE connectivity, particularly for B2B applications. The reader will learn more about how Bluetooth LE offers a variety of value−added services required for B2B, including environmental logging, cold−chain management, and accurate real−time localization.

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