Industry White Paper

How Torque Motors Help Solve Today’s Industry Challenges

November 06, 2023 by Genesis Motion Solutions
Topics Covered
  • Benefits of Torque Motors
  • Why Gears are Used: Torque/Speed Translation
  • Challenges When Integrating Gears
  • What is a Torque Motor

White Paper Overview 

Making the change from a traditional geared motor solution to a torque motor solution has real benefits for a variety of industry automation and motion systems within packaging, assembly, semiconductors, and robotics. While gears help achieve load torque requirements for servo motors, torque motors offer a significant advantage to system integrators.

  • Dynamic Performance — Improves accuracy, rigidity, repeatability, acceleration, and stopping time by fully eliminating backlash.
  • Faster Settling Times — Load is directly mounted to the rotor and bypasses other transmission components. When the load settles faster, the motion profile is completed faster, offering improved throughput compared to geared actuators.
  • Compact Size — Higher torque density than servo motors of a similar size, so a gear is not always needed to achieve the load torque requirements. This size of the actuator is reduced to only the motor and load.