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Strategies for Meeting ECU Manufacturing Test Deadlines

August 08, 2019 by National Instruments Download PDF

White Paper Overview

Automotive technology is accelerating faster than ever before. Trends like powertrain electrification, wide adoption of advanced safety systems, and enhanced driving and comfort functionalities significantly increase the amount of software needed in vehicles.

As a result, electronic control units (ECUs) are more complex and in higher demand, and the powertrain ECU is perhaps the most important of these. Beyond ensuring proper operation of the powertrain that moves the vehicle—ECUs impact the environmental performance of the vehicle, its economy, and its driving experience — all factors buyers are seriously considering.

This case study from National Instruments examines how engineers can meet manufacturing test deadlines for increasingly complex powertrain ECUs with over 200 pins and 20,000 test steps while ensuring that test times comply with throughput needs and test cost is reduced to remain competitive in the market.

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