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Improving 5G Millimeter-Wave Signal Analysis Accuracy

White Paper Overview

Millimeter-wave (mmWave) frequencies unlock the true potential of 5G. The ultra-wide bandwidths enable faster wireless connection speeds and high capacity with low latency, providing the ideal solution to meet increasing industry demands. Many mobile network operators started deploying commercial 5G mmWave networks in 2020. All have massive mmWave deployment plans on their roadmaps. In response, 5G chipset, device, and base station makers are ramping up their design and manufacturing powers to bring more 5G mmWave products and services to market.

In this white paper from Keysight, explore solutions to challenges facing 5G device designers such as path loss, noise, and frequency responses, impacting signal analysis accuracy.

Learn How To:

  • Select the appropriate signal path to reduce path loss
  • Adjust the input power level to improve the signal condition
  • Move the reference plane to eliminate frequency responses

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