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Increasing Test Coverage In Hard Switching Half-Bridge Configurations

November 02, 2020 by Rohde & Schwarz Download PDF

Whitepaper Overview

Hard switching in half-bridge configurations is a great technique for efficient power conversion at higher power levels. However, with the increasing switching speeds of advanced SiC designs, parasitic coupling from the switch node to the gate is becoming more common. This problem can lead to unwanted glitches and turn-on conditions that can damage the transistors. The solution is to increase the robustness of high-power designs to prevent critical glitches on the high side gate of the half-bridge.

This whitepaper by Rohde & Schwarz discusses techniques for setting up complex real-time trigger conditions using R&S®RTE and R&S®RTO oscilloscopes, thereby increasing the test coverage and robustness of converter and inverter systems. The R&S®RTO and R&S®RTE oscilloscopes offer an advanced, easy-to-use digital trigger unit that uses the sampling values of the acquisition paths to decide on trigger events in the digital domain.

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