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Innovative High-Current Power MOSFET Packaging Solutions

September 30, 2021 by Infineon Technologies Download PDF

White Paper Overview

Many products require high current rating, ruggedness, and extended lifetime. Next to Infineon’s TO-Leadless package (TOLL), the newly introduced TO-Leaded with gullwing (TOLG) and TO-Leaded top-side cooling (TOLT) packages offer excellent thermal cycling on board performance (TCoB) and thermal behavior. The highest efficiency and power density are achieved with particular suitability for applications such as BMS, LEVs, e-scooters, forklifts, power and gardening tools, and hot-swap.

This white paper guides readers through choosing which of the three available packages is the right fit for their design, and why the Infineon TOLx package family, available in OptiMOS™ 5 technology, is particularly suitable for various applications.

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White paper author: Francesca Pastorelli, Product Marketing Manager, Infineon Technologies

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