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Innovative Hybrid Protective Device Provides Rugged, Reliable Circuit Protection Solution

September 15, 2021 by Bourns Download PDF

White Paper Overview

All electronic connections and wiring, whether for power or communications, are exposed to switching transients, lightning, voltage surges, and other overvoltage events that can damage or disrupt the operation of these applications. Therefore, a reliable circuit protection design is required for the connections and circuits in these applications.

However, circuit protection technologies have varying performance levels, which are not readily apparent by simply noting that subject devices meet stated minimum protection thresholds. In the case of evaluating the “ruggedness” of an overvoltage protection solution, a good point of reference is to compare devices taken well beyond stated data sheet and minimum performance standard limits up to the point of destruction.

This paper will explore two aspects of “ruggedness” with regard to the Bourns® IsoMOV™ hybrid overvoltage surge protector and compare its performance to that of a typical conventional Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV). 

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