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Integrated Design Management for Collaborative IC Design

May 08, 2020 by Mentor

Whitepaper Overview 

For IC design and verification teams, employing a data management tool is important for successful projects. Often, specific blocks are assigned to team members based on analog, digital, MEMS, RF expertise, across multiple geographies. Unstructured design files with multiple copies and versions, along with associated verification results, cannot remain unmanaged if the team wants to avoid mistakes and meet schedules. Custom IC design requires integrated data management.

Efficient collaboration is becoming an essential ingredient to meeting tight IC design schedules. In analog and mixed-signal (AMS) design, collaboration has many facets. Design tools are usually specific to roles and handoffs are numerous, especially when moving a design to a foundry. This often poses a challenge for companies hoping to keep design teams synchronized while ensuring that time-to-market windows are met.

In this white paper from Mentor, a Siemens Business, learn how a data management solution can ensure that all IC team members collaborate within a managed design data environment.

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