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IoT Critical Infrastructure Checklist

April 04, 2021 by Wind River Download PDF

Project Checklist Overview

Designing a critical infrastructure system today presents a host of safety, security, and security challenges, in addition to implementing a connection to the Internet of Things (IoT). Now more than ever, companies must develop a robust IoT critical infrastructure plan to ensure competitive differentiation, optimize their operations, and transform their businesses digitally.

Wind River provides a checklist of questions to consider for designing a safe, secure, and reliable IoT critical infrastructure system. Points highlighted in the checklist include modification of legacy systems to add new IoT functionality, cybersecurity requirements, monitoring of common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs), and safety certifications. With its industry-leading real-time operating system, VxWorks, Wind River provides all the tools needed to build intelligent, connected critical infrastructure systems at reduced deployment timeframes and lower risks and costs. 

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