Industry White Paper

IU Table Function

March 14, 2024 by EA Elektro-Automatik
Topics Covered
  • Loading IU Tables from a USB Stick
  • Controlling IU Tables Through EA Power Control Software
  • Uploading and Controlling IU Tables via Modbus
  • Uploading and Controlling IU Tables Via SCPI

Application Note Overview 

All models of the PSB, PSI, and ELR 10000 series feature an IU table function as part of the function generator. The IU table function (XY table) offers the user the ability to set a DC output current based on the DC voltage measured at the DC terminals. This feature works in either source or sink mode. The IU table function can be used to simulate a charging or discharging battery or to simulate a solar panel in PV related tests. Furthermore, the application note explains the different ways of controlling and uploading IU tables.