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Key Considerations for Proper Power Cable Selection

April 16, 2020 by Interpower


When designing a system, it is critical to choose the appropriate components for the job. Power cables are affected by both circuit and environmental factors including voltage, current, temperature, and vibration.

The most basic choice is the electrical characteristics known on the schematic level, including voltage ratings and current capabilities.

However, the real world is far from ideal. The many environmental factors that can affect cables are not immediately obvious from a schematic point of view. For example, harsh environments require power cables that can withstand extreme temperatures, intense vibration, and high currents. So, what are the most common factors that affect power cable choice and what should designers pay extra attention to?

In this white paper by Interpower, explore key considerations involving cable selection, where those considerations land in the design process, how other factors can affect performance, and how to account for laws and regulations controlling international exports.

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