Industry White Paper

Know Your Jitter When Debugging

September 28, 2022 by Rohde & Schwarz
Topics Covered
  • New Oscilloscope Tool Designed to Decompose Jitter
  • Signal Model Based Approach to Joint Jitter and Noise Decomposition
  • Verifying the True Jitter Performance of Clocks in High-Speed Digital Designs
  • Verifying the Clock Source

White Paper Overview

In high-speed applications where high precision is required; be it designing for arbitrary waveform generation, data transmission equipment, and/or medical imaging devices, reducing the uncertainty where edge crossings occur can be crucial to understanding how jitter affects a system.

Modern tools offer features that make jitter analysis significantly easier; with more intuitive user interfaces, and also higher sensitivity and accuracy analytic tools. This white paper summarizes the tools on how to identify, assess, and address jitter in your signal verification tasks. You will find real-world scenarios, recommended test and measurement solutions and more – all in a bite-sized format.